Out of Square Trailer Frame Repair

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Out of Square Trailer Frame Repair

Postby BTW » Sun Oct 16, 2016 8:31 pm

Late yesterday I had a trailer come in for repairs. As I approached the left side of the trailer (which looked good) I asked the guy what needed to be welded ? He said, "the right side rail was bent and an upright was broke loose". So I walked around to the other side, I asked what happened he said a semi hit the trailer.
Of course, out of habit I always ask, who was at fault? He said the other guy. I told him you got more of a serious problem than a broken loose side rail. He said I know the axles are bent I will have to pick up 2 replacements. The more I looked I told the guy I do not think your axles are bent. Your trailer frame is out of square. Then I told him I do not think you will need axles. So he dropped off the trailer.

And today I took some measurements. The frame is 6" out of square divide by 2. That's why the trailer would not track right, and not because of bent axles. But, on the other hand, I would never rule out the axles are perfectly straight. (options are left open). So I set up my equipment to pull/push the frame square.
After doing some pulling/pushing I got the frame near perfect. But, I noticed the left side started to not look right. So I backed off 3/4" divide by 2 and the left side looks great. Now before I relieved the pressure I did some welding in certain areas of the frame so the frame would stay at the measurements they are now.
I checked the tire to frame clearance forward and aft and there is only a 1/4" divide by 2 difference.
I do not think I can get any better that this so I left it there.
I did repair the side rail and installed another upright now the side is pretty sturdy.

The insurance company bought him a new trailer, I did not ask how much but, he bought a new enclosed trailer so this trailer his old one will be used for hauling tree brush once a month from his lawn service accounts.
Tire to frame before repair
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Tire to frame after repair
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