Rotting Steel

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Rotting Steel

Postby BTW » Wed Oct 12, 2016 6:02 am

One of the worst things a person can do to a trailer/truck bed is not to clean it out. And to compound the problem is when someone uses a trailer/truck bed as a dumpster. There is so much moisture that gets held in when brush, dirt, etc is stored in the bed. The sun don't have a chance to dry it out and it rots away pretty quickly..

Does not matter if you have a wood or steel floor/sides. I tell my customers to use used crank case oil and paint the floor and corners with it. You have a better chance to prolong the life of the floor and corner of the sides..

Here are some pics of a trailer that came in for repairs a weeks back. I put a new wood floor in it towards the first part of this year. I told my customer to coat the floor with oil but he never did.

The frame is almost rusted away and the spring hanger did rust/rotted off so I scabbed angle steel under the frame, and welded the new spring hangers to it.

The trailer is back in service but, I told my customer he best start looking for a replacement because his has a "time stamp" on it..

And yes he does use his for a rolling dumpster for brush and clippings and that caused the rot out..

I took a dish soap bottle, filled it up with used oil and squirted the oil along the bottom corners and sides of the floor.

rotted steel.jpg
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Rotted steel 1.jpg
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rotted steel 2.jpg
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