Patio Umbrella Ground Spike.

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Patio Umbrella Ground Spike.

Postby BTW » Tue Dec 03, 2013 2:54 pm

You know what a "joke" is ?? The weighted bases they sell to hold up 7 to 9 ft patio umbrellas.. If a slight wind blows by and the umbrella tips over your glass top table shatters..

I have made up ground spikes to hold up the umbrella. I even custom made a spike with a base on it to be screwed/bolted to a guys deck, you know why? Because his blew over and shattered thier table..

I have them listed on Craigslist.....


This is me installing a ground spike for my neighbor, I removed a brick so I could sink a spike into the ground.


This is what it looked like after installation...


These are what the "spikes" look like. They go 20" into the ground and 10" is above with a locking bolt... They can be made up with a mounting plate for bolting to wood, concrete etc. decks. The ones with a mounting plate are 10" . They do not interfere with any table legs...


This is the base mount for wood/concrete decks.

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