What are You Worth??? (Rant)

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What are You Worth??? (Rant)

Postby BTW » Tue Dec 03, 2013 7:58 am


You know vehicles, machinery, appliances, etc. need repairs and alot of us are confronted with the question, is it worth fixing or just replacing it ?? Well have you ever heard a statement applying this to a person (s)? We are not talking about net worth but, worth as a person as a human being..

I was confronted with a person back in September of this year that "busted my chops" for giving a neighbor a piece of furniture instead of throwing it out. She said "why would you do that? they are not worth it". My God what has happened to us as humans treating others like humans. Yes the neighbor I gave the furniture to does disrespect the neighborhood at times with loud music or drinking and talking loud at nite but are they not worth it as humans because of certain issues?? I went over to them once and asked if they would turn off the amplifier in their car and they did... But, the one that "busted my chops" just sits there and bitch about them and that I know of, has never asked them to be quiet or even called the police...

Also this same "judge" did an unrighteous judgment call on another neighbor for how she done something or acted. But I bet this neighborhood "judge" did not know this other neighbor just had a mild stroke and it affected how she thinks just a week or two before her judgement call from the "almighty neighborhood judge"..

I have no use for a person that judges someones worth as a human. Funny (but no laughing matter) the very same person that evaluates someone else's worth, they themselves are worth it as a human being. There is a difference between judging someones actions and saying a person is not worth it.

This setting a worth value on someone seems so unchristian like. A good example would be who would tell Jesus someone is not worth it?? I wouldn't dare it's hard enough to keep my own nose clean, and I am thankful for His Grace and Mercy because I know I am not perfect..Jesus put a value on all of us and He says "we are worth it", so shouldn't we feel the same towards others or at least try to, knowing God says we all are "worth it".....
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